Rescue Boat "Barracuda Brand" RED CROSS APPROVED in Antipolo City, Calabarzon for sale


POLYMAX INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, Direct Manufacturer of Rescue Boat as well as Leisure Boats
Excellent Export Quality - *Proudly Philippine Made*
* See as at Facebook (search for JSG Polymax Industrial Corporation)
* You Tube (search for Barracuda Rescue & Leisure Boat)
Intended use : Rescue Boat for Flood, Coast Patrol, Fishing or Leisure
Material: Marine Grade Heavy Duty Linear Density Polyethylene
Special Feature : 10mm double wall construction + self-draining valve
The adaptive seating arrangement has room for 6 ~ 10 people depending on trim.
*A hot seller among LGU's for their Flood Rescue Preparation.
* Look for Roy / Ferdie